OMI's companies are committed to managing the Iberian Peninsula's energy markets.

It is structured into two holding companies, OMEL and OMIP SGPS. Each of these companies holds fifty percent (50%) of the two managing companies for the Iberian Peninsula's electricity market: OMIE manages the day-ahead and intraday market, and OMI-Polo Portugués (OMIP sgmr) manages the forward market.

The managing companies each have fifty-percent (50%) participation in OMIClear- Sociedade de Compensaçaõ de Mercados de Energía, SA.

Additionally, holding companies OMEL and OMIP SGPS participate with 20% and 10%, respectively, in MIBGAS, S.A., the operator for the Iberian Peninsula's wholesale natural gas market. If you would like more information on MIBGAS.

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