• General information

OMIE is the entity responsible for managing the day-ahead and intraday electricity markets on MIBEL. As an organized market (OMP), it offers ACER the communication service for matched and unmatched orders on the markets per REMIT Regulations through the Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) called OMI RRM.

OMI RRM ensures the exchange and effective, secure management of information with ACER, and it reports to the Market Participant on fulfilling the reporting service through the Electricity Market's Access Platform every day.


  • Service application

To request the REMIT reporting service, you may consult service provision contracts and the guide for specific requests for this service: Documents regarding the short-term operations report.

Agents can use the service for reporting to ACER or only for downloads, which will enable downloading the information in a format suitable for reporting to ACER by another RRM. Similarly, they are automatically enrolled in the reporting service for matched and unmatched orders on the market prior to registering with the service, but they will be able to decline this additional service.

To enroll in any of these methods, follow the steps indicated in the “User guide for applying to REMIT reporting services: OMIE market”.


For any details or general questions on REMIT reporting associated with the short-term Iberian markets, please contact: