We strive to take on, train, promote, and retain talent by promoting personal and professional development, diversity and equal opportunities, conflict resolution, health, and wellbeing in the workplace for the individuals who make up OMI Group.

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This policy applies to all employees, directors, and administrators who perform their professional activities as members of OMI Group's organizational structure, regardless of their position, seniority, or geographical location. To this end, the following will be considered to be companies pertaining to OMI Group: Operador del Mercado Ibérico de Energía Polo Español, S.A., OMIP-Operador do Mercado Ibérico (Portugal), SGPS, S.A., OMI-Polo Español, S.A., OMIClear, C.C.S.A., OMIP-Polo Português, S.G.M.R., S.A., OMIP, S.A., OMEL Diversificación, S.A., and any other of their member companies.



The companies that make up OMI Group have highly qualified human resources that make up its primary competitive advantage and are the differentiating factor for a smart, modern organization that is looking toward the future.

OMI Group maintains a relationship built on mutual trust and respect with the individuals who belong to it, fostering a safe, enriching work environment where excellence, teamwork, innovation, and commitment to corporate values and strategic objectives are appreciated.

As a result, the Individual and Organization Policy seeks to attract, train, promote, and retain talent by promoting personal and professional development, diversity and equal opportunities, conflict resolution, health, and wellbeing in the work place for the individuals who make up OMI Group.



The Individual and Organization Policy sets forth the following basic principles of action:

  • Ensuring the group's ethical values, making sure that the work regulations in effect are fulfilled at all times, as are the norms for behavior outlined in OMI Group's Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • Promoting the implementation of Human Resources measures that are consistent with the company culture, which help offer opportunities for professional and personal development and growth for personnel.
  • Facilitating conflict resolution for personal affairs and work life in terms of a contractual relationship based on responsibility, flexibility, trust, and reciprocal commitment.
  • Designing and investing in a training plan that may contribute to developing of qualities, competencies, and skills from our human resources at every stage in one's professional career, thereby reinforcing motivation and boosting corporate competitiveness.
  • Providing outlines for integrated compensation that guarantee external competitiveness and internal equity and are based on ability, effort, collaboration, and meeting objectives, thus more efficiently linking compensation with each team member's performance.
  • Ensuring people's safety by adopting necessary measures and offering adequate training with regard to occupational risk prevention.
  • Fostering the staff's wellbeing by facilitating physical exercise, encouraging healthy behaviors with regard to food, and promoting preventive mechanisms for monitoring health.
  • Adopting a model for internal communication that reinforces the feeling of belonging, commitment, motivation, and loyalty for OMI Group.
  • Promoting a Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy based on a culture of respect for individuals, recognizing their differences, and rejecting any discriminatory behavior based on gender, ethnicity, beliefs, political ideology, or any other form of intolerance.
  • Developing plans for workplace integration of individuals with different skills by designing activities that foster their inclusion in the organization.
  • Implementing monitoring mechanisms for evaluating proper application of these principles.