The OMI Group understands innovation as a continuous, common and collaborative process, both internally and externally. The process is common, given that the staff members of the different companies of the Group must actively participate in it. It is collaborative from the internal point of view, because it is a process in which the different companies, units and staff members must collaborate closely in order to achieve the established objectives. It is collaborative, from an external point of view, because the Group understands innovation as a process in which the different entities in its environment must also be involved, especially the suppliers, manufacturers and consultants who collaborate with the Group companies and the different universities and technology centers with which it is related.

Here is a summary of each project in which we participate:

MoMEBIA project



The project has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the State Research Agency.


CHALLENGES-COLLABORATION 2019 of the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to the Challenges of Society, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020.

• DURATION: 2020-2022

The MoMEBIA project aims to develop together with the UC3M an automatic and intelligent system for analyzing the evolution of the electricity market based on artificial intelligence techniques, based on the development of new algorithms for the detection of anomalous behaviors in the process of buying and selling of auction-based and continuous market energy.

ministerio ciencia


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